fucking Jesus dude


my hart…


nailed it

No, but we have to restock every 5 seconds.

Yo that is your fucking job.


so tumblr awards are lame so we are doing a dildo awards to celebrate hoes and sluts everywhere!
all you gotta do is make sure you’re following both tori and vrajika 
and then reblog this post and you will be in the running to win one of the following swaggie categories:
hottest dude (3)
hottest chick (3)
best url (3)
neat theme (3)
tori’s favorite (2)
vraj’s favorite (2)
best overall (1)
what you will win:
friendship from two of the raddest chicks on tumblr dot com
follow backs from both of us!
links on both of our blogs for idk a long time
promos and reblogs and stuff
no not puppies but idk whatever else you want pretty much 
we’ll keep this open until like july 14th? ok ready go

Good news!! Vrajika and I are extending the dildo awards for another 2 weeks because we both got rly busy and won’t have time to sit down and pick out winners, so keep on reblogging until the 28th of July!!!! Winners will be chosen by that week. Stay spicy!




Map of the World by Natural Skin Color

i’m really dumbfounded that i never realized skin colour is literally just caused by being closer to or farther from the equator and the resulting sun exposure and skin darkening

actually, its an adaptation. natural selection. people with darker skin are selected for in areas near the equator, where the melanin that causes the darker color protects them from radiation and protects them from skin cancer and other health defects, and because they are healthier they can pass on that trait more. people near the poles have lighter skin because it allows them absorb more of the limited sunlight to convert to vitamin d. 

THIS IS THE THING SOME PEOPLE HATE OTHER PEOPLE OVER.Evolution of melanin levels based on geographical location.

Also fair skinned people tend to have light irises because there is usually more fog in the regions closer to the poles and lighter irises, although generally mean poor eye sight, it allows the person to see better in fog.